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PAPA Micro Merchant Presents Latest Trends & Software Updates

PAPA and Micro Merchant invite you to Micro merchant User Group Meeting

DATE : August 24, 2018
TIME : 7:00pm

Note : Dinner will be Served
Dinner Time :  7:30pm


I. New Features inPrimeRx™

  1.  Patient Status Board
  2.  SMS/TextMessages&Outbound Calls(How to stay connected with your Patients)
  3.  FillMyRefills (Patient facing Web Portal & APP)
  4.  MyPrimeRx APP (for Pharmacy Owners)
  5.  Support for Incoming Fax
  6.  Workflow – Default Workflow and CustomWorkflow

a. Custom Report Writer
b. Dashboards – RPh, Specialty Rx, eRx, Delivery, Refill Compliance, PrimePOS
c. Queues – Return to Stock, Refill, MTM, Med Sync, Insurance Exception, Unbilled, Label
d. Automation – Turnkey Refill Management, Auto Billing, Task Manager, Daily Backup,
Control File Creation, Report Printing
e. Clinical Assessment Modules (for Specialty Pharmacies)II. Ecare Plan

II. Ecare Plan
a. What is it and what is required to support it?

III. Additional Topics
e. Question and Answers



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