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SIX Hour Sunday CE

Date: November 24, 2019
Time: Registration and Breakfast 8:00am

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Pharmacists in all areas: administration, education, hospital, community, industry, managed care and
consulting; Other Health care professionals are welcome”.

(UAN): 0043-9999-19-059-L01-P
Topic : Clinical considerations in the management of asthma (1.5 Hours)
Presented by  Emily Ambizas Pharm.D Assistant to Dean of Pharmacy


  1. Explain the pathophysiology of asthma
  2. Summarize current guidelines for the management of asthma
  3. Review current therapeutic options available to treat patients with asthma
  4. Evaluate the importance of proper inhaler technique and use of other devices
  5. Formulate a step wise plan for a patient with asthma
  6. Discuss how pharmacists can identify and resolve adherence issues in patients with persistent asthma

(UAN): 0043-9999-19-060-L01-P
Topic : Therapeutic considerations in the pharmacologic management and prevention of migraines (1.5 hours)
Presented by Joseph V. Etzel, Pharm.D. Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Student Affairs, e College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, St. John’s University

Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate between migraines and other common headache disorders
  2. Identify migraine triggers and implement steps to minimize migraine occurrence
  3. Discuss therapeutic options for the self-management of asthma with non prescription medications
  4. Compare currently available agents for the management of migraine and discuss their appropriate use
  5. Discuss new options available for the prevention of migraine and compare their efficacy and toxicity to traditional preventative strategies.

(UAN): 0043-9999-19-061-L01-P
Topic : SCOPE of Pain, Safer Competent Opioid Prescribing Education (1 Hour)
Presented by Annie Qadir Pharm.D New York Presbyterian Columbia University Hospital NY

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of these activities, participants will be better able to:

  1. Assess pain and prescription opioid misuse risk
  2. Educate patients about opioid risks and realistic benefits
  3. Monitor patients on opioid therapy for benefits and harms
  4. Assess and manage worrisome opioid-taking behaviors
  5. Safely taper long-term opioid therapy
  6. Identify and manage patients with an opioid use disorder

(UAN): 0043-9999-19-062-L01-P
Topic : Back to Basics: Cold & Flu Season 2019-20 (1 Hour)
Presented by Samar Shamsi-Rehman Pharm.D Pediatric Pharmacist New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the pathophysiology of cold & flu
  2. Describing the management and treatment algorithm for cold & flu
  3. Describing the risk factors and counseling points for patients in the outpatient
  4. Describe the clinical presentation of patient’s presenting with cold & flu
  5. Identifying pharmacological and non pharmacological ways to treat cold & flu

(UAN): 0043-9999-19-063-L02-P
Topic : Expanding Pharmacists Role to improve HIV Presentation and reduce transmission (1Hour)
Presented by Mohammad Bilal Qureshi Pharm.D

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what is the current prevalence of HIV and who is currently most at risk for contracting HIV?
  2. Explain what are the barriers to people getting tested for HIV?
  3. Explain How is HIV testing currently done; at home and in the lab?
  4. Discuss What is the current first line treatment regimen for HIV?
  5. Explain How does the new method earlier testing work, and what possibilities does it opens up for patients and providers to combat HIV?




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